10 Best Ludo Apps for Android and iOS

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Ludo is one of those relaxing games that not only takes the mind off any tension, but also improves problem-solving skills and competitiveness. Furthermore, it is regarded as a favorite by people of all ages, engaging youngsters with major brain activity while providing adults with another reason to chuckle.
Now that you can play this game on your Android and iPhone devices, here are the top ten Ludo game accessible.

Ludo King

The first game on the list of greatest Android Ludo games is Ludo King, which is the most popular Ludo game played on Android devices worldwide. This is one of the few games that is accessible on practically every major platform, including iOS and desktops. It’s free and comes with a bonus Snakes and Ladders game with 7 various styles and themes to select from, including Nature, Egypt, and Disco. Finally, there is a unique board that allows Ludo for 6 players.
• This game may be played both online and offline.
• Offline mode also contains a single-player option with AI.
• Facebook Connectivity is available, and users may share their results online.

Ludo Money

Ludo Money by Fantasy Khiladi is another excellent Ludo game software for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This is a wonderful option for you to spend classic Ludo time with your friends and family. This board game software allows you to play with up to four people and offers three distinct types of boards to choose from.
Ludo Money has an awesome combat mode feature where you may win gold coins. Another advantage of utilizing this Ludo game app is that you do not need an active internet connection to play the game. Furthermore, this game supports several languages.
• Up to 11 European languages, including Portuguese and Swedish, are supported in multilingual mode.
• AutoSaved is a function that allows users to restart a game that has abruptly ended.
• The UI is user-friendly.
• There are three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and difficult.

The Ludo Party

The finest Ludo game apps continue with Ludo Party. This software allows you to play a popular and enjoyable Ludo game on your iPhone. Ludo Party adds amazing 3D visuals to this game’s playfulness, making it much more entertaining. It allows you to play against 1 to 3 computer players and also allows you to play with 2-4 other people.
• The user interface is simple to use.
• If you do not answer to your turn for an extended period of time, AI will take your place.
• There are six distinct sites to select from.

Ludo All-Star

If you enjoy traditional board games with a twist, Ludo All-Star is one of the top Android Ludo games that requires strategic and analytical abilities to play a basic game like Ludo. The game may be played by up to four players in two modes — Terminator and Team Battle – which boosts the excitement over basic Ludo. The intriguing features include several twists and turns that truly distinguish Ludo All-Star as the greatest free Ludo game in 2020.
• During team combat, there is a unique Raid Mode.
• Users may buy skins and themes by earning money by spinning a fortunate wheel every day.
• If you have VIP rank, you can cancel your previous dice roll if it was incorrect.
• The amazing Arabic theme is one of the nicest characteristics.

Online Ludo (Mr. Ludo)

Ludo online, formerly known as Mr. Ludo, is another app on the list of greatest Android Ludo games. This programme allows users to create emoticons, which I must admit are rather expressive. Users may also select from a variety of backdrops and themes, as well as establish different viewpoints while playing the game. There are several methods to cheat in the game, which adds to the excitement.
• A 3D view can be enabled.
• You may play with family, friends, or even random strangers.
• For a limited time, earn coins to acquire VIP status. This gives the user the ability to cheat in the game.

The Ludo Club

Ludo Club allows you to play Ludo against computer opponents when you don’t have access to your buddies. The good thing about utilizing this one of the finest Ludo game apps is that you don’t need an active internet connection to play it. You may play the game online with your pals if you desire. If you’re searching for a Ludo game that will bring back memories of playing the board game with your buddies, this one is worth a try.
• You may play local multiplayer offline.
• Users can compete with the computer.
• Users may also select from a selection of brightly colored boards.
• Playing every day allows you to earn daily bonuses, making it one of the greatest Ludo games.

Master Ludo

Ludo Master, a newcomer to the field of Ludo gaming applications, offers both online multiplayer and local multiplayer modes. You may play this game with your pals utilizing the private multiplayer mode. It features a good UI with a level-up system where the challenges grow as you progress through the stages.
The most intriguing aspect of this game is that there is a daily fortunate wheel that you may spin to gain coins and advance in the game. You may invite others from all around the world to play this game with you. This Ludo game software is simple to use, and if you’re seeking for pure amusement, give it a shot.
• Users may update or modify the rules and play as they see fit.
• Users can play as a group on the same device or against the computer.
• The colour of the dice changes depending on the color of the player’s token.

Ludo Bing

Ludo Bing is not only regarded as one of the finest Ludo games, but also as one of the top Android Board games. You may play Ludo Bing for free with your family and friends, or you can pick a random person from around the world online. There is also an offline mode, as well as a Snake & Ladder game as a bonus feature. Overall, it is free, but particular tweaks may need payment.
• There are two game modes: Classic and Quick.
• Users can send messages and Emoticons while playing.
• A unique wheel of fate that may be spun on a daily basis to win coins for purchasing special features.

Ludo 6

As we all know, the most popular online game on the market today is Ludo, but it can only be played with four friends, so don’t worry about losing you, and buddies.
Played by the monarch in ancient times, it is now available to your family, friends, and friends. It will be enjoyable for the entire family, and you will be able to play this game for hours. Beat your opponents and take on the role of leader in the Ludo culture. Ludo6 is the greatest Ludo game on both Android and iOS.
• The Ludo game board design may be customized by users.
• A single device may support up to four players.
• The programme allows a single user to play with three AI users while offline.

Ludo Classic

Android and iOS versions are available.
Ludo Classic is one of the top Ludo game applications for both Android and iOS. This game has a powerful AI that controls the unpredictability and uncertainty of dice outcomes. The computerized motions of a token cannot be tricked in any way. You are permitted to play this game both online and offline.
• The game may be played against the computer in a single mode both online and offline.
• In multiplayer mode, the games may be played by up to four people.
• Other than regular Ludo, the game features other versions with somewhat varied rules depending on the nation selected.


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