9 Reasons to Use Software for HVAC

Reasons to Use Software for HVAC
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Your favorite police drama doesn’t focus on paperwork, does it? Why would it? While incident reports are necessary to operate a strong department, catching the bad guys is paramount. The same logic applies to your HVAC business. Tracking expenses, job times, billing, and every aspect of your business is critical to cost-control, but the installations and repairs your technicians complete drive revenue. Software for HVAC allows techs to spend their time in the field rather than behind a desk.

9 Reasons to Use Software for HVAC

1. Automation Is Cost-Effective

The most costly expense in any business is human resources and the nice thing about software is that it doesn’t require health benefits, vacation time, holiday bonuses, or other outlays beyond the service cost, which amounts to a fraction of the annual salary for one employee. Across all fields, businesses are turning to automation to lower costs and increase profit margins by eliminating non-skilled positions. HVAC software eliminates the need for most non-skilled workers, significantly reducing your human resources overhead.

2. HVAC Software Integrates With Your Other Business Software

Many companies use ERP or CRM systems to gather data on their business operations. Others use accounting programs such as Quickbooks and Sage 50 for accounting purposes. Dispatchers often use MapQuest or other directional apps to plan routes for field techs. HVAC software can integrate with your other business software and centralize access to them all.

3. HVAC Software Allows for Comprehensive Workforce Management

The best HVAC software organizes virtually every aspect of your workforce so that technicians spend more time on installations, maintenance, and repairs, and less on travel and paperwork. HVAC software enables dispatchers to plan work schedules with daily, weekly and monthly overviews, and to focus on locations so that techs spend more time on-site and less behind the wheel. Not only does this optimize their productivity, but it also reduces fuel costs, as well as wear and tear on company vehicles.

4. Ease of Use Improves Employee Morale

Because HVAC techs are trained to perform mechanical work, other necessary job functions can be both intimidating and depressing. HVAC software’s simplicity empowers techs, allowing them to spend more time doing the job for which they were trained while making the paperwork seem easier. Not only does a more efficient workday lower costs and increase productivity, but it also inspires your field techs to cultivate goodwill with customers.

5. Real-Time Invoices Mean Faster Payments

A field technician’s work drives revenue, but the customer must still pay. The billing process can be onerous and time-consuming without HVAC software. With it, however, field techs can use their field service app to complete work orders and produce billing statements, ensuring that the customer has a copy in hand and the billing cycle has begun before they depart the job site.

6. Faster Service Times and Responses Increase Customer Satisfaction

To paraphrase the immortal Freddie Mercury, customers want it all, and they want it now. HVAC software’s ability to reduce costs and increase efficiency extends to response times for service calls, as well as the speed of service provided by field techs. Satisfied customers tend to be repeat customers who are more likely to direct new business your way.

7. HVAC Software Centralizes Information

Siloed operations leave executives and business owners reliant on incremental departmental reports to assess overall performance, whereas HVAC software’s built-in field management apps provide real-time data on all aspects of your business. Bottlenecks and other inefficiencies can be corrected much sooner. In addition, field techs can access the same app to view each customer’s service history before reporting to the job, allowing them to be better prepared and eliminating the need to schedule a return visit to complete the task.

8. Centralized Info Produces Enhanced Analytical Capabilities

You can never have too much information. In the same manner that focusing on data leveled the playing field between the wealthy and not-so-wealthy clubs in Major League Baseball, HVAC software’s data-mining capabilities can be tailored to improve the performance of small and mid-sized businesses. Owners and managers can generate specifically-designed reports based on information critical to their operations. With data constantly updated, changes can be effected and growth realized in much shorter times.

9. HVAC Software Helps To Train New Hires and Sub-Contractors

Every company looks to increase its business. In the service sector, expansion often requires the ability to field more certified technicians. A short-term fix can be employing sub-contractors while training up new employees. In either case, HVAC software streamlines the onboarding process so that the technicians representing your company are integrated into your way of doing business.

Software for HVAC’s capabilities is integral to your business. It reduces labor and travel costs, increases employee morale and customer satisfaction, and integrates seamlessly with your other business software to provide real-time data in a centralized manner, enhancing your company’s growth opportunities.

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