Blooket: How to Play Guide for Teachers and Students with Blooket

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Blooket is a new kind of online gaming tool that helps teachers to host games online using their questions set and the students can answer these questions from their own devices. This tool is specially made for tests like formative assessments, students who give correct answers earn points and students can buy or sell blooks with the help of earned points.
Blooket offers a hundred prepared questions set or the host or teacher can create a question set on their own. This creative technique to teach students by playing these types of games can engage more students and their interest will grow towards the studies.
Blooket is a web-based online game platform that allows students to participate in the competition in a group or solo it is unique because the themes of quizzes can be changed according to the host and this app has different types of game modes that offer an ultimate experience to the students and they don’t lose their interest.
Students can join these amazing test quizzes using a code given by the host to answer the questions with their phones in real-time. Participants can either participate as a team or solo and the person who gives answers correctly first wins the game.

How to Use Blooket?

If you are planning to share this app with your children then here are some tips you should know about Blooket. Students can access the games using the code given by the host but first, this app will ask to create an ID before joining the game.
Blooket has set an age limit for the students and this app can be used by students who are above 13 years old if students are below the limit then they are restricted to use this app. Blooket is very easy to use, you will never have any issue in hosting a Blooket if you have hosted a Kahoot, Gimkit or other review games. It is a friendly app for beginners who don’t know how to host review games.
Blooket is fun when every student has their devices if not then the host can create a classroom for individual play so that everyone can take part in the competition. Some students feel bored when they do their homework but Blooket will change their mind you can use this app to assign games for homework or practice. Moreover, students will love to do work on Blooket because when they complete their task they can earn coins or blooks.

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Working of Blooket

At Blooket a teacher hosts the class and pick a set of questions either it can be premade Blooket questions set or customized by the host himself along with these questions the host sets a theme so that more student engage and answer correctly and fastly. Blooket generates a code and the host share the code between the students so that they can participate in the games.
You can sign up with your Google ID and then after sign up completes Blooket will take you to the main page where you can search blookets that are already there or you can customize your own. After this host select the game mode because there is a variety of unique game modes so that students study with interest. Moreover, keep an eye on the special seasonal and limited-time game modes. Students can play with their real names or with some random names whatever they like because it is fun to call names randomly.
A teacher host the game on a big screen and children join the game using ID. Not only gaming but the students will review and answer the asked questions that they have taught in the classroom. With the help of Blooket, it is easy for the teachers to identify the weak points of students and which topic they have to review again and take the assessments again.


Nowadays, we know that most parents are stressed out because their children are not showing interest in their studies. In these kinds of situations, parents should suggest apps like Blooket to their children because these online learning games can raise the interest of a child into studies. Blooket is changing the way of learning students study an oversized textbook-like old boring times but this online gaming tool is making study interesting and adventurous by asking questions in the game and the student who answers the questions correctly wins the game and earns coins or blooks.
This is a new beginning towards online studying by putting the class contents into the games and the student learns the information by playing games with dedication. Blooket is available on both android and IOS platforms and parents and teachers should promote these online learning apps for the bright and successful future of the students. Excess of everything is bad so parents and teachers should give the mobile phones to the children for a limited time.

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