Best Free Remote Screen Control Software 2023

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How can I control a screen remotely?

At times, there arises a need to exert remote control over a display screen. This could entail managing the screen of our office computer from the comfort of our home computer, enabling remote work capabilities. Additionally, it might involve assuming command over the screens of acquaintances, family members, or colleagues to assist with their IT-related concerns. The essential requirement is reliable remote screen control software to facilitate such remote screen control.

Multiple software options are accessible for remotely overseeing a computer screen. Selecting an appropriate software solution hinges on individual requirements, platform compatibility, and the imperative of upholding robust security measures. Opting for a reputable and trustworthy software solution holds paramount significance, particularly when engaging in remote access to computers via the Internet.

AnyViewer: Best free remote screen control software

Upon careful evaluation, AnyViewer emerges as the top recommendation for free remote screen control software. This trusted solution excels in its performance, offering both swiftness and ease of use. With AnyViewer, users can exert remote control over a computer screen, whether from another computer or a mobile device. Its functionality encompasses seamless control over screens, enabling effortless management and navigation.

What sets AnyViewer out of other choices?

AnyViewer has garnered consistent recognition as the premier screen remote control software, owing to many compelling factors that set it apart from its competitors. These aspects have played a significant role in establishing its widespread acclaim and reputation.

Versatile cross-platform compatibility: AnyViewer is compatible with multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. This makes it exceptionally convenient for users who require remote screen control between Android-to-Windows, iOS-to-Windows, and Windows-to-Windows configurations.

Free for personal and commercial use: AnyViewer offers free services to both personal and commercial users. Unlike specific remote screen control solutions that restrict commercial usage, AnyViewer remains unrestricted and accessible for all purposes.

User-friendly interface: AnyViewer provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring easy navigation for users of all levels of expertise. Setting up a VPN or configuring port forwarding is optional, even when conducting control over the Internet.

Impressive performance and reliability: AnyViewer has earned acclaim for its exceptional performance, even when faced with challenging network conditions or limited bandwidth. Its optimization techniques effectively minimize lag and latency, guaranteeing smooth remote desktop access and seamless control over the target device.

Robust data security: AnyViewer prioritizes data protection through robust end-to-end encryption. It employs a formidable 256-Bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithm, ensuring that all transmitted information remains secure and confidential.

How to control a screen remotely via AnyViewer

Now, let’s explore remotely controlling a screen using AnyViewer. We will discuss utilizing AnyViewer to control a Windows screen from another Windows device or an iPhone/iPad/Android device.

To get started, follow these steps to prepare AnyViewer on the remote computer:

Step 1. Download, install, and launch AnyViewer on your computer. Once launched, proceed to the login page and click the “Sign up” option.

Step 2. Provide the necessary information for the sign-up process and complete the required fields accordingly.

Step 3. After a successful login, AnyViewer will automatically assign your device to the account you used to log in.

Then, consider two scenarios for remote screen control:

Case 1. Control a Windows screen remotely from another Windows

Step 1. Repeat the download, installation, and launch process for AnyViewer on your local computer. Ensure that you log in using the same account used for the remote computer.

Step 2. Within AnyViewer, navigate to the Device tab and locate the remote PC from the provided list. Selecting the “One-click control” option allows you to assume control over the remote screen.

By the way, it excels as the best remote control software for multi-screen. It enables independent control of each monitor or the ability to treat multiple screens as a combined desktop if the remote device has multiple screens.

multiple screens

Case 2. Control a Windows screen remotely from a mobile device

Step 1. Download AnyViewer on your mobile device from the appropriate source.

Step 2. Sign in using the same account details used during the sign-up process.

Step 3. In the “My devices” list, you will find the devices associated with your logged-in account.

Step 4. Select the desired PC from the list and tap “One-click control” to gain control over its screen from your mobile device.

Note: If you wish to control screens of multiple computers simultaneously, AnyViewer offers upgraded plans like Professional or Enterprise, which allow for expanded functionality.

What are the additional features of AnyViewer?

Apart from its primary function of remote screen control, AnyViewer offers a range of additional features that await exploration. These functionalities contribute to a comprehensive and versatile remote control experience.

Screen sharing: AnyViewer enables real-time screen sharing, allowing users to view and share the remote device’s screen without granting control rights. This feature proves invaluable for collaboration, presentations, and demonstrations, as it facilitates seamless sharing of on-screen activities.

File transfer: AnyViewer simplifies remote desktop file transfer between computers. It provides two convenient transfer methods: utilizing the file transfer manager located below or simply dragging and dropping files directly. This efficient file transfer functionality saves time and streamlines sharing files remotely.

Remote lock/restart/shutdown: AnyViewer empowers users to perform remote actions, such as locking, shutting down, or restarting the remote PC.

Text chat: AnyViewer allows users to engage in real-time text communication during remote sessions. This convenient chat box facilitates seamless and instant communication between the user and the individual on the remote side, enhancing collaboration and problem-solving capabilities.
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The bottom line

In conclusion, AnyViewer is a trusted and feature-rich remote screen control software. With cross-platform compatibility, a user-friendly interface, exceptional performance, data security, and additional features like screen sharing and file transfer, it offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for seamless remote control experiences.

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