6 Best Security Apps For 2022

6 Best Security Apps For 2022
Written by dilligant

Everyone’s lives pretty much revolve around their mobile device because you can do anything online. Both iOS and Android operating systems are the most used around the world. A lot of personal as well as important information is kept on our mobile devices. This means that the security of these devices should be taken more seriously.
A lot of people make the mistake of downplaying the security of their device and because it used everyday they overlook its importance. This is often when hackers have a field day and earn billions by gaining access to confidential information. Those providing Small Business IT Support London suggest using mobile security apps to reduce the risk of your mobile device being hacked. User privacy has become a growing issue online as hackers are constantly finding new ways to gain access to people’s information.
A lot of people tend to be lost when it comes knowing which apps to use. However, everyone should also take the extra precautions when they can. Never think that your device cannot be breached because that is when you will fall victim to a cyber-crime. There are various security apps that make it easy to for you to secure your device and hard for hackers to do anything. To make it easy on you to decide we have put together a list below of the best security apps on the market.

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender is a security app that has proven very useful in protecting devices against any malware threats. The app has a small fee but is definitely worth it because if hacked you stand to lose a lot more money. The app has a lot of privacy protection tools that are extremely beneficial. You can make use of the following options, a Wi-Fi scanner, anti-theft features and data-breach notifications. Those who are unsure about the app can make use of its 14-day trial. This app is specifically for Android users but is one of the best choices anyone can make in terms of device security.

2. Norton 360

Norton is well known in the anti-virus software industry and has a very good reputation. This is proven with it having more than 20 million users worldwide. Countless people have reported just how good this tool is as it saves devices form malware every day. This app is specifically for IOS devices and is extremely useful which is evident by its ability to filter spam messages. This prevents its users from falling victim to phishing attempts which is becoming more prevalent.By using this app customers can expect to be notified when their device is vulnerable on any Wi-Fi networks. It even lets its users know when any of their confidential information has been leaked.

3. Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos popularity can be recognised by the fact that many companies and even governments make use of it worldwide. A lot of security apps tend to drain your device because they are always running and trying to fulfil their purpose. But with the Sophos app your devices battery life will not be affected. By using this app you can expect access to services such as malware protection, web filtering, app protection, privacy advisor and many more. You have an app that will give you constant reassurance so that you never have to worry about the security of your device.


Keep your media safe is a security app that will appear as a calculator on your device. KYMS tend to have its users feeling as if they are a secret spy. On your devices display the name will appear as KyCalc so nobody would bother even trying to use it. If anyone does try to access it they will have to try and guess a four-digit passcode. This is a great app for storing images and videos safely as it acts as a secure vault.

5. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security has gained a great reputation on both Android and iOS devices. This software protects different devices against malware and still retains its battery life. The services on offer are very helpful, one of the most useful services is that the app notifies you whether or not a Wi-Fi network is safe before you connect to it. Most of the features of Avast are free but if you wish to have access to even more features then you would need to pay a small fee.

6. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus app has a fantastic status for protecting devices against malware. The app itself is pleasant to use as there are no ads even on the free version. Those who choose to make use of the free version can expect call filtering, Android Wear support and several anti-theft functions.

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