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How Can Technology Help People With Social Anxiety

Technology Help People With Social Anxiety
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Social anxiety can be a nuisance, but it is a bigger nuisance than your regular high functioning anxiety. This is because one even feels anxious to go to a therapist and sit to talk about their problems.

When they have the means to cure what gives them anxiety, then they are pretty much doomed, right?

Not really!

Now, technology is not something one often refers to with mental health. However, it can be of great help when someone is dealing with social anxiety because technology is that denominator that can bring all the people with social anxiety some ease.

There are applications and help available through technology that will slowly help you get rid of social anxiety without getting exposed to the social world all of a sudden.

There are certain practices and even medical help which you can avail yourself of from social media. If you are unable to afford the applications through which these supports are provided, you can easily download them for free from the pirate bay.

Yes, for free!

What Is Social Anxiety?

In psychological terms, someone is afraid of being in a crowd because it always makes them feel on display. They are always fearing someone else’s judgment with every step they take.

Their introversion is at an extreme limit, and they are unable to get anything done among people. In short, public speaking is their worst fear, and even if someone with good intentions is trying to speak to them (like their therapist), they would rather be alone.

These could be extremely creative people, but they would rather drown in their own world than face the world outside. This can create many issues in the future with their academic successes and trying to get a job.

Thus, if you know someone who is suffering from social anxiety plus, recommend this technological help.

Technology Helping Social Anxiety

This is to duly note that technology doesn’t mean social media. However, social media can help them to get close to other people just by sitting on their phones, but the internet can be a scary place, and it can easily backfire.

1. Online Therapy (Yes, Texting Is An Option)

The best therapeutic method to help someone with social anxiety is CBT {Cognitive Behavioral Therapy}. However, for someone to get rid of this issue, they have to sit with a therapist, which is difficult for someone with social anxiety.

This is why online therapy is such a good option for them. They can start within their comfort zone of texting their therapist and later shift to something which is more convenient, like a call.

2. Holistic Online Activities

When we talk about online holistic activities, many might think.

“But people should leave the confines of their house and indulge in activities outside.’ However, holistic activities are an excellent way to give you mental clarity and improve your cognitive activities. Something very much required by someone who is suffering from social anxiety.

These could be something as simple as art therapy or music therapy.

3. Showcasing Creativity Online

If you are showcasing your creativity online, this is an excellent way to meet like-minded people. However, since some of these showcasing will happen through social media, one should be careful about the people they allow in their community.

It is easier to get like-minded people to talk to over social media, but there are also people who will judge every move. If you are scared of that judgment, try to get someone’s help in operating the social media.

Sometimes people also sell things online with the help of E-commerce. This is an excellent way to earn some side hustle without having to talk to people face to face every day.

4. Getting Medicines Online

Yes, now you can even get medicines online. Although, when it comes to mental health issues, you can buy them online and have them delivered to your doorstep in case you are in need.

Other than that, for any other health issues, you can choose the convenience of getting them delivered.
Welcome To Mental Health 101!
The point of this article was not to get these individuals back to their houses. However, sometimes when it comes to helping the ones with social anxiety, just forcing them to leave the house will worsen the situation.

Therefore, it is better to get help from technology and expose them to the world gradually rather than all at once.

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