Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed

perfect dog bed
Written by dilligant

Your furry best friend needs to experience as much comfort as you. This is not something to debate upon and you know just how much they love to nap and sleep when they are tired after following you around and playing. It’s time to consider getting a good dog bed to give it that extra comfort and even get them away from your bed or furniture. Basically, put your dog in your shoes and think about what they would want if they had the choice, and simply get it for them. It’s the least they deserve!

Second Hand versus New Dog Bed

There’s nothing wrong in buying second hand items for you. Some bargain flea market clothes and antique furniture remain our priced possession to date. However, never buy an old mattress for yourself or even for your pet because unlike clothes, second hand beds contain a lot more pathogens, especially if they are dog beds. With second hand dog beds, you don’t get the right fit for your dog because the bed was probably fitted for some other pet.
Of course new beds are costlier, but they also offer more freedom in what you’d prefer for your pet. Always keep your eye for dog-bed sale if you’re more inclined to buying a new bed for your furry bestie. Get a new bed that is similar to the one you prefer and your dog will love you more for it.

Choose the Right Material For The Bed And Beddings

The structure of the dog bed doesn’t affect the comfort very much. The shape is likely to have a hood to protect the bed from direct sunlight, but the hood is minimal the large the bed is. Still, you should prefer metallic or carbon fiber beds over plastic beds. Most variations in the bed come from the beddings and fill. The cheapest fill are made of poly-fill which is difficult to clean and deteriorates over time. On the other hand, memory foam is the best, though it is slightly pricier than the poly-fill. However, memory foam lasts much longer, and offers versatility in cleaning and maintenance that the poly-fill doesn’t have.

Maintaining Hygiene

Your dog requires constant cleaning, and the dog bed will need to be cleaner more times than your dog. This might sound ludicrous but it’s the best way to maintain a hygienic environment for your pet. Some beds have features that make them easier to clean. Some of these features are: easily removable parts, larger hood, washable fabric, and waterproof beddings. Make sure your preferred dog bed is optimized for machine-washing.

Features To Look For In a Dog Bed

Dogs are different, and their personality differences may factor into the type of dog bed they prefer. Some dogs are burrowers, and would prefer a dog bed that is domed. Others like to stretch out somewhere flat and comfortable, and so the hood would probably mess up its style. The point is that your dog’s behavior and sleeping pattern will be good indicator of what dog bed to look for. These features will help to streamline your search for the perfect dog bed.

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