Will Renting For My Property Will Benefit Me?

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Rent-to-Buy an option to buy the item or trade it in, with the exception that the transaction doesn’t occur immediately.
The seller and buyer agree on the possibility of selling at some point in the future, typically in the next few years and then draft an agreement on contract.
In the interim that Rent to Buyer is living in the house, and is able to pay the rent to Seller, which in turn aids to decreasing their house deposit in the event that they want to buy the house in the near future.
This contract, which was designed for the purchase of a Gambia houses property through Homes with Options has positives for both the Buyer as well as Seller. The flexibility of each agreement allows it to cater to both sets of requirements.

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For Buyers who are renting to rent One of the biggest advantages is the possibility to move into your dream home earlier than you ever thought.
This lets you begin the work or enhancements to the home and to begin building your ideal home prior to actually purchasing the property.
This means that you don’t need to wait to rent somewhere other than the one you’re saving to put down a deposit. And If you’ve found the perfect investment in Gambia you are able to secure it now prior to being able to comfortably afford it.
Rent to buy also implies that you don’t have to throw your rental money in a home which you don’t have any possibility of investing in or have any future.
If you contribute rent to this program, you’re helping to build your dream home as well as your deposit, making it more than an investment.
It can help you in the event that you’re not able to pay for an investment in a home or mortgage in the immediate future, but also if the credit scores of your clients are low or needs an improvement.
Rent to Buy gives you an opportunity for a couple of years to increase your credit score. It also allows you to be patient until you are financially stable before buying property in Gambia.
Another advantage is the option to lock in the price of a purchase when the contract’s drafting, in the event that home prices increase over the course of the next few years.
This implies that both the Buyer and Seller are aware of what the final value of the property is going to be, and the price isn’t subject to change during the term of the contract.
You are able to choose to leave the contract, and ultimately purchase this Rent to Buy property at any time, but keep in mind that you’d be required to forfeit any money you already have contributed to the Gambia property for sale.
In the end, however, the positives and advantages of renting to buy from the perspective of the buyer outweigh any negatives.



One of the biggest advantages of being a Seller can be that you get the chance to sell your home.
If you’re having difficulty getting interest in your home or avoiding potential sales, then renting to Sell may be the right option for you.
If your home has been vacant for some time and you’re having difficulty paying the mortgage and rent, we can help you find the buyer who can stay in your home and take care of your mortgage payments for the property.
Another advantage is the confidence that the tenant who bought the home was taking care of your home as well. It’s an entirely different scenario than renting to regular tenants.
It is not necessary to be an owner to manage them, or the property since all home improvement projects would be subject to the Rent To Buyer in accordance with the agreed conditions for eventually buying the home.
If you decide to rent to sell your house, you’ll also be assured of a predetermined price for the property and you won’t be forced to pay less than what you think the property is worth.
When you sign the agreement, an initial be and it is not altered. Even if the price of your home falls over the following years, you’ll be paying the highest that was at the beginning.
Another benefit of Renting for the purpose of Sell is the ability to choose to opt out at any time throughout the term of the agreement. But, keep in mind that you could lose the right to keep any of the funds the Renter is putting towards the deposit for the property.

Purchase Of Property – What Is The Real Cost?

15% More Than The Price Of The Property

The process of buying a property in Spain is different to buying property in the UK and Ireland. There are many “hidden” expenses that could increase as high up to 15% of the price of the house property Gambia you decide to buy.
When you purchase a property within Spain you will encounter a myriad of taxes and that are beyond the price you initially agreed to that you’ll have to pay. They aren’t necessarily conceal if you are aware of what they are and under the circumstances in which they occur.

Purchase Of New Property In Spain

If you’re buying new property through a developer, you’ll need to pay IVA which is a type of Stamp Duty and VAT.
The most common is an annual tax on the community for the development. In addition, there is a local property tax, which is dependent upon the authority of your locality.
Add on Spanish income tax, and the amount of taxes that you’ll be require to pay see your nose red and empty your pockets.
You also have attorney fees, notary fees, bank charges along with your insurance charges and the cost of writing wills, since the Spanish intestacy law is an absolute nightmare.

Purchase Of An Existing Property In Spain

If you’re buying an resale property through an person, you’ll need to cover IVA and the transfer tax in addition the IVA as well as stamp duty when you purchase the new development.

Non-Financial Costs

If you do a bit of ahead-thinking and research before you start , you can dramatically minimize the chance of having stressful issues later on.
The entire conveyancing procedure is a specialize area within the Spanish legal profession because the laws governing property are usually very complicate.
The purchase of a home in Spain should be a easy process however , it often becomes a nightmare for buyers because they aren’t aware of the pitfalls they’re getting into.
Incorporate the specific instances suffered by people to the corruption scandals that have erupted in Manilva as well as Marbella along the Costa del Sol and the land grabs by the Valencian government as well as the process of purchasing properties from Spain and the true cost isn’t just financial but also stress and perhaps mental health.
To this mix the fraudulent agents who have no genuine interest in buyers or the buyers’ needs and lawyers who simply don’t do their work properly, the hidden costs rise.


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