What Are the 3 Types of Control Flow?

electronic water flow control valve
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The electronic water flow control valve is used for a variety of functions. The basic purpose of these valves is to control the pressure of the liquids. The pressure should not exceed a certain limit in a reaction chamber. Different types of fluid control valves are used to maintain the flow of liquid according to their specifications.

There can be pressure relief valves and an electric hydraulic flow control valve. You may encounter sequential and pressure-reducing valves but there is a certain purpose for each type of pressure valve. There is a specific requirement to install various types of valves.
Here, we are discussing the 3 main types of pressure valves:

1-Pressure Relief Valves:

The Pressure Relief electronic water flow control valve is designed to operate and maintain the specific pressure range. This has been done by the forces of the actuators in the system and they do the required work. The power components and the expensive equipment can be damaged by undue pressure.

The high pressure flow control valves relieves the pressure and maintain a certain proportionality of the pressure. There can be uncertain pressure due to the flow of the liquid the relief valves are installed to control the unexpected increase in pressure.

2-Sequencing Valves:

Sequencing valves electronic water flow control valves are normally closed two-way valves. The sequence valves maintain the direction of the pressure in a certain direction. When there is less pressure observed then the Sequencing valves can cause the reverse flow of the liquid from the secondary to the primary unit.

These valves are placed at various places in the piping system, to allow forward and reverse flow of the liquid by the sequence valves. These valves are going to control the liquid from one unit to another. These valves can be installed in sequence to control the flow of the liquid.

3-Pressure-Reducing Valves:

The Pressure-reducing valve is open in two dimension and close when certain.

The pressure-reducing valves have subcategories:
● Direct-acting Pressure-reducing valve
● Pilot operated Pressure-reducing valve

4: Direct-acting Pressure-reducing valve:

The direct-acting valves are open and closed by the direct instructions of the users. The direct-acting Pressure-reducing valve is not pressure differential, as they are going to open or close automatically. The direct-acting electronic water flows control valve is installed where lower pressure of the liquid is expected.

5: Pilot operated Pressure-reducing valve:

The pilot operated Pressure-reducing valve is a pressure differential and going to open and closes by the pressure difference. These valves are installed where high pressure of the liquid is expected and an automatic control system is required. The pilot operated Pressure-reducing valves are pressure sensitive and use less amount of electrical energy. The Pressure-Reducing electronic water flow control valve is used for a variety of functions


The 3 types of pressure control valves are used according to the specific requirements of the system. You may need the relief valves to control the pressure of the liquid. You may need the automatic control of the liquid by installing pressure-reducing valves. The sequence valves are placed in a sequence at the various spots of the piping system.

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