Here Are The Best Bike Racing Games For Your Smartphone

Bike Racing Games For Your Smartphone
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Bike Racing is a prevalent sport, and people enjoy it in real life and on mobile devices. A sport dominated by men has recently sprouted many female followers and gained a much larger audience segment due to the sudden development of interest by the opposite gender.

During the massive pandemic outbreak, people were mostly confined to their homes. They could not find a way to vent all their pent-up energy and anxiety, which resulted in them resorting to playing intense, fast-paced online racing games. During these times, bike racing games became quite popular in the gaming industry. Developers have made compact games that can run efficiently on all sorts of devices; now, everyone can be seen diving into thrilling rounds of online racing wherever they get a chance.

The list below showcases some of the best bike racing games you can play on your smartphones and get a fulfilling experience.

Highway Rider

Highway Rider gives racing fans the most investing experiences in the gaming industry. The mobile race that runs excellently on Android devices allows you to pace yourself against street traffic that involves different types of cars and trucks. You receive points as you whizz past these vehicles, and your in-game score slowly increases. Players also can use a boost that makes them accelerate their bike to a higher level of speed.

The game’s many customizations do not hinder the user experience and offer pretty smooth gameplay. Throughout the game, you can complete different challenges and earn the option to get various outfits and bikes in the many shops built into the game. People excited about challenges and in-game customizations will love this new bike racing game.

MPL Bike Racing

MPL playing platform offers one of the most popular bike racing games online in the mobile segment. The game lets you play on a track where you must follow the bends and curves while avoiding traffic. In such a type of play, players are supposed to keep themselves focused as there is always a chance that they might often crash due to the game’s challenging format. The controls of this racing game are straightforward, and they are also visually presented in a manner that is relatively new and uncommon in the usual bike racing games. The players are also provided with a braking option on their display that lets you slow down the vehicle to maneuver through the sharp bends on the road. You can also use the braking button to reverse your bike if you crash into the in-game borders or the traffic. The game’s best feature is the four camera angles that the user can utilize to master his game and adjust to the one that suits them the best.

You can easily avail the game by going over their website and putting in your phone number, from where you will directly get the bike racing game download link to your smartphone. The rules are simple with immersive graphics and detailing. You will never experience a dull moment playing this game of bike racing.

Bike Attack Race

Bike Attack Race stands as one of the most downloaded games online because of its various levels of difficulty and in-game challenges. The game is available for all smartphones and does not require high specifications to run smoothly.

The 3D graphics in the game are immersive, and the players can also get power-ups and boosts along the course of the race. What is different about this game is that you can get into combat with other players by making kicks and punches while riding the bike. The controls are easy, and each action is available on the screen and smoothly deliverable. This added twist makes it quite the contender on the list. However, the usual players of bike racing have to go through some of the new additions to get themselves well acquainted with the game.

Speed Moto 2

Coming straight from the popularity of the first game. Speed Moto 2 presents the same challenges in a better-advanced way for enthusiastic speed racers. The upgrade is well deserved and has included various new racing bikes in the game that players will love to race around with. The game’s graphics have also been updated to make the visuals look more three-dimensional to be more immersive for the racing gamers. One unique objective that stands out in the game is to locate six of the most high-performance bikes scattered in the five zones of the world.

With many different modes to play, like free racing, survival, drag racing, and others, the game offers a unique experience that you will not get tired of soon.

Death Moto

The game has several fans in the online racing community as it has features that are not relatively easy to come by in most racing game communities. The mean racing game involves a bit of old-school rash driving where you can harass other bikes to stop them from reaching the ending line.

As you race on the road, you will notice many tools lying down on the road that you can collect and throw at others to stop them from gaining on you. The game also rewards you with a helmet after each rider you successfully knockdown while racing down the way. The player can use the helmets
in the game to unlock special bikes that you can use for future races.

The game has quite a cult following, and you are bound to like it once you get the hang of it after a couple of rounds.

The list above contains some of the most easily playable games on smartphones. These games do not consume too much mobile data, run smoothly, and do not affect the battery on your device that much. If you are a fan of bike racing games, it is highly recommendable to try these out on your phone at the earliest.


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