Are Django and Laravel different?

Django and Laravel different
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When it comes to app development, there are a number of platforms to choose from. This can create a lot of confusion for the developers. This is the reason you need to think about the various parts that are concerned with the process. This includes writing the code, compiling it, and debugging and testing it. If one is successful with this, then only the app will be a success.

Though there are many platforms that provide this facility, Django development, and Laravel development stand out to be among the most popular ones. As we all know web development can be a huge task, and these platforms help to address these needs with ease. There are various other advantages that these platforms provide to the developers plus it is ever-evolving which makes them extremely flexible. Both of these platforms are used for backend development.

Another advantage of these platforms is that they both are open-source. This means that you do not need to pay any extra fees to use it. Apart from that the major difference between both is that Django’s development is based on python fundamentals while laravel development uses the core of PHP. Another thing is that Django uses Model View Template while Laravel on the other hand uses model view control. Both of these have their own uses in web development.

Are web frameworks useful?

A recent study conducted by Pyhron Developers Survey, it was found that Django is amongst the most preferred frameworks. But the ranking was found to be 9th in 2020 along with all the other frameworks that are available for laravel development. Apart from that the StackOverflow survey has shown that laravel development was the highest ranking for the year 2020.

But this leaves the user with an ever-prolonged question. Which one to choose amongst these? For that reason, let us study each of these in detail

A table for a better understanding of Django vs Laravel development
There are several differences between these two frameworks which can create a lot of confusion. For this reason, we have curated the table which will help you with easy comparison. The table gives the major differences, it is as follows:



The entire web app framework is extremely easy to understand

The level of understanding is a bit high for Django development

Laravel Development only allows HTTPS middleware for the web app development

Django supports a variety of middleware which can be used within the app

This framework uses the lower and slower level of PHP

This framework uses python to comply to the needs of the developers

This framework supports method injection of the given framework

The developers are provided with a variety of tools like the decorators for the betterment of the web app

Follows Object Oriented Mapping approach for the development process and also has a query builder which helps the developer to support and record active implication of the changes in code

Follows Obejct Related Mapping which helps to form an interaction layer between the app and the database as a channel of data flow

Generally supports and helps with organization of all the resources

Supports multiple languages which helps with localization

The Laravel development phase contains of queues and queries

The Django development enviroment is extremely light weight and supports the developers

Understanding Laravel Developement

Laravel is ome of the top free development frmaworks that are available on the internet. It was released by Taylor Otwell in the year 2011. But the reason why it is preferred by developers from Laravel development company is given in the list below. It is as follows:

1. The template engine in laravel
There are numerous templates that are available in laravel which ease the task of the developers and cut down the code writing time for the design. It also gives a platform to connect the laravel development to the CSS and JS code in the app

2. Security of Laravel
Having an app and web security is the main task of the developers. It uses bcrypt hashing code encryption which is a method to encrypt the data so that no unauthorized party can access it without permission. Another advantage is that it uses an SQL injection method that helps to add a layer of security

3. In-built laravel development
When a developer needs to start everything from scratch, it can take a long time to develop the app. This is the reason laravel has numerous tools which help to increase the speed of development. One of the most common and helpful tools is the debugger which is an in-built

Understanding Django Development

Django was released for public use in 2005. It was developed by the Django software development company which is a free-to-use framework. The complexities of any app can be handled with the help of this framework too. The list of advantages is as follows:

1. Fast processing speed
One of the major impactful thing about Django is that it complies with the code with ease and speed. It has a very good architecture for managing all the elements in the sequence that helps the compiler to understand it.

2. Scalability
Scalability is the main thing that makes Django development this powerful. When you are developing for a small traffic range, things can be easy but the moment the traffic increases, things can go hay way. This problem is easily tackled in Django.


In recent years web and app development has become a big part of the market expansion strategy of all major businesses. For this reason, Django and laravel development have taken over the market. Both of these frameworks have their own advantages associated with them. Both are free to use, apart from that the scalability of both is commendable. The environment for development is also a major advantage for the developers. Another thing that all developers look out for is the security and scalability of the framework in order to run the app properly. Security codes like encryption prevent unconsented third-party access to the private data of the client stored in the databases.

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