Reasons Behind Popularity Of Moldavite Crystal And Jewelry Like Tanzanite Rings

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The unique and mesmerizing green shade of Moldavite Crystal always grabs the attention of anyone who looks at it. Glowing Moldavite stone was the heartthrob of people in the 90s and the enhanced interest among gem enthusiasts. Exclusive rich luster and olive green shade make the stone a perfect choice for designing Moldavite Jewelry.
The magnificient look and commendable healing qualities always win the heart of all gemstone jewelry lover across the world. Moldavite gemstone is famous due to its forest green color. Moldavite gemstone jewelry adds graceful style to an overall look ; therefore styling this crystal will change the life of the wearer with its supernatural energies of moon and star.

Brief About The Moldavite Gemstone

Moldavite is popularly known as the stone of transformation, and the stone has commendable healing properties. The attractive olive green color of Moldavite gemstone belongs to the Tektite mineral family. The earth-born Moldavite stone evolved after an intensified burst of energies caused by meteorite impact. First, Moldavite stone got driven out to the upper atmospheric layer. Post this, the stone underwent heat, centrifugal forces, and tension, therefore, forming impressive shapes of spheres and discs.
Another exciting thing about the Moldavite stone is that it is a wardrobe-friendly stone. The Moldavite gemstone definition signifies transformation, fortune, and protection and this stone is the only known alien gemstone on earth.
At present, the only source of Moldavite gemstone is the Czech Republic. Genuine Moldavite stone has a dull and mossy green color. The famous shapes of Moldavite gemstone include drop, sphere, and disc. Rough pieces of Moldavite consist of lines and bubbles that highlight its mossy appearance.

moldavite crystal

Brief About The Tanzanite Gemstone

The tremendous deep blues of Tanzanite stones continue to intrigue the world for several years. Tanzanite gemstone is found only in Tanzania; that is how the alluring gemstone got its name.
The stone is a member of the Epidote mineral group. The color of Tanzanite ranges from deep blues to violet. One can find Tanzanite gemstone in the deep foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Beautiful Tanzanite crystal can reflect varied colors across many platforms, ranging from light blue to deeper indigo and violets. Tanzanite is the only gemstone that displays multi-dimensional color. The Violet color symbolizes majesty.
As per the belief, the Tanzanite violet color inspires a feeling of awe, mystery, and magic. The darker the stone more valuable and luxurious its meaning gets. Darker shade Tanzanites enable to give sense to one’s accomplishments and dreams and signify guidance to turn big dreams into reality. Tanzanite can trigger three chakras: the throat, third eye, and the crown; the Tanzanite gemstone can activate psychic ability and promote communication with tremendous spiritual dimensions.

Reasons Behind Popularity Of Moldavite Crystal

  • Moldavite crystal has become popular due to its link with the Extra-Terrestrial and its spiritual and physical healing properties.Maximum peoplefind connection with Moldavite stone and transformative powers. The Moldavite Gemstone offers numerous benefits in terms of emotional and physical healing powers. Moldavite Ring wearer can welcome good luck and fulfillment of wishes.
    Ones who started paying more attention to their chakras have switched over to wearing Moldavite ring to assist them with :
  • Coordinate well with their heart chakra and the third eye.
  • Enhance memory and brain balancing qualities
  • Use it as a good luck piece that will bring good fortune.
  • Wear the gemstone around the chest of the necklace to assist with the heart chakra for love and relationships. 

Reason Behind Popularity Of Tanzanite Rings

The wearer should wear a graceful and elegant Tanzanite Jewelry to eradicate negative thoughts from the owner’s life and helps them to get less influence by external opinions. Tanzanite enables to change the consciousness. Couples prefer buying a Tanzanite ring for engagement because of their stunning and elegant look.

The reasons behind the popularity of Tanzanite Rings are as follows:

  • Tanzanite can be found only at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The violet-blue beauty of Tanzanite is referred to as the gem of a generation because of its limited availability. Apart from the geographical condition that provides the heat, pressure, and mineral conditions to form the Tanzanite gemstone millions of years ago is a sporadic occurrence.
  • The Tanzanite gemstone set on an engagement ring is a classic fashion marker thanks to its appealing color, a blend of majestic blue, muted lavender, and sometimes burgundy reds. Lightning also plays a crucial role in showcasing the natural beauty of Tanzanite.
  • Color, intensity, and fire of the Tanzanite combine its character and charm. The gemstone is also known for its vibrant color, and the Tanzanite ring will is a bold and refined choice.
  • The Tanzanite is more affordable than diamonds. The cost-effective price tag makes it an excellent choice for those searching for a unique, splendid, yet reasonably priced for their engagement ring.

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