How To Find The Best Job That Fits Your Lifestyle

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When it comes to jobs, many people are not happy with their jobs and career growth. Previously they entered the trade with an aim to get good remuneration; a healthy salary.

But with the passage of time they understand that they are trapped between their wants and needs and they are no more an individual. They become servants to destiny, like the gravel that is waiting to be carried away from one place to another by a meandering river.

Well, Job Satisfaction and Salary are two completely different things. There is nothing better than doing a job that fits your lifestyle.

If you are trapped in such a whirlwind created by your needs and liking, read books on the philosophy of life. Download eBooks from the pirate bay to understand your purpose in life.

In this article, we are going to discuss certain ways through which you could find the best job that fits your lifestyle.

How To Find The Best Job That Fits Your Lifestyle

To be very honest there are no shortcuts to finding the answer. This is one of the most sublime philosophical points of an individual. The Purpose. Though an extremely difficult task we have certain points for you that might help you in this regard.

1. Try To Figure Out What You Want In Your Life

Searching for another job? Look, you must take some time for this. Dissociate yourself completely from society.

There should be no one essentially between you and your thoughts. Think about what is really important for you.

Do you really crave some intellectual challenge? Do you want money? Fitness? Peace of Mind? Try to figure out the difficult human question.

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2. Don’t Crave For Dream Job: Search For Idle Job

This is one of the predicaments that one gets entangled with every time. One gets jostled between the Dream Job and Idle Job. Almost everyone goes to chase their dream job.

They make the mistake of considering their dream job, the ideal job. Always remember that Dream Jobs are good in the kingdom of Dreams.

When you go to enter your dream job, you see that your glass menagerie of Romanticism breaks down completely and leaves you crestfallen; utterly helpless. And there is no chance of receding back. So try to figure it out.

3. Try To Figure Out What Is Currently Making You Unhappy

This is one of the really important points for you to develop. Are you unhappy with life?
Does every day start with some unknown fear and concerns? Mood Depressed all the time? Why?

Nobody but it is you that is going to find the answer to this question. Try to figure out, under any circumstance, what is the reason for your unhappiness. And knowing your cause of worry might solve the answer for you.

4. Find Out Your Non-Negotiables

You need to know what you can deal with and can not deal with in future positions. Your boss wants you to work at night till 9 p.m. Will you be comfortable with the schedule for long? Do you like to hang out with your Kids?

Well, overwork can have dire consequences. There is a term coined by Japan called “Karoshi”. It literally means death by overwork.

It is studied that Japan officially reports 200 cases of Karoshi every week. But the unofficial figures reach to the extent of 10000 per year ! Inhuman to say the least.

So rank your top three priorities in life.

5. Understanding Your Personality

Do you know what kind of a personality you are? Are you highly introverted? Or Extrovert? It is observed that an individual who is highly introverted can work in seclusion.

But those with extroverted nature find it extremely difficult to work from home. Constantly ask yourself when or under what circumstances you are productive.

Do you like to work alone or in a group? Do you want to take charge or be an assistant playing an anchor role? Are you a leader or a performer? Analyzing these questions is important for you.


If you have certain experience working someplace, it’s not bad to ask for change. Weather change brings better salaries. So during the interview clearly put forward your demands. Tell them your wish regarding what sort of change you want.

Whatever you do, constantly question yourself to have a better idea about yourself. No one knows what’s in store for you.

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