How to Embellish your Home Garden on a Budget?

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Written by dilligant

Gardening enthusiasts are always looking into embellishing their garden, but some of them might lack the budget required for upkeep. This article is for them! Want to give your dull garden a gorgeous revamp? It is possible and that too on a budget.
If you plan properly and invest mindfully, you can achieve the garden of your dreams without breaking your bank balance. We have rounded up a list of design ideas and quick fixes which can enhance your garden aesthetics.
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Decorate your Boundaries

Having a visible boundary, such as fence or retaining wall, can make your garden feel uniformed. It restricts the foliage from sprawling all over the place and that’s good for you because it helps your garden look neat and stunning.Building a retaining wall around your garden can add charm and character to your outdoor space. If done right, they can become an outdoor design feature that seamlessly blends into the overall aesthetics of your garden. Fencing the boundary is also a good idea. Timber fences are adaptable to suit any kind of style.

Invest in Efficient Tools

If gardening is your hobby, you’ll probably have all the required tools to maintain your garden. However, if you have just plunged into the world of gardening and you’re overwhelmed, here are the four main tools you need to get started – lawnmower, watering can, gloves and hand pruners. These tools are absolute gardening essentials. Gloves can save you from thorny and splintery hassle, lawnmower helps you get rid of excessive grass growing wildly in your backyard, watering can is great for watering your plants and hand pruners or secateurs help reign in plants that are getting out of control and taking over.

Transform your Space with Lights 

With lots of lighting you can bring a pretty glow to your backyard garden by decorating it. Festoon lighting is trendy and versatile. This type of lighting can be strung along the fence or can be draped over a gazebo or canopy. They don’t cost much and are eco-friendly. Fairy lights look gorgeous wrapped around a pergola. If you don’t have a pergola, that’s fine, you can hang them on the fence as well as alfresco. You can also use solar-operated lights around the garden to save energy bills without scrimping on style. 

Invest in Plants

Container gardening is budget friendly way to draw attention to the garden. They’re affective in small spaces, such as on a terrace or patio. If you don’t have a full lawn, don’t worry. Potted plants and shrub baskets can brighten up any outdoor space. Plants like Blue Bugle, Coral Bells and Bungalow Palm are low maintenance plants. They add colour to your space and provide an year-round foliage to enjoy.

Add some Furniture

This might sound expensive, but it’s not! You don’t have to buy new furniture, reclaim old garden furniture, and apply a fresh coat of paint to spruce it up. Adding two lounge chairs or hanging hammock can increase your garden appeal. Your garden should not only look gorgeous and adorable it should also be functional. Adding furniture will increase your chance to spend more time in your garden. Set up a chic cocktail bar or a drink station in your garden to entertain in style this summer. Add a drink dispenser, outdoor-friendly glassware, your favourite chilled beverage, and finish it with magazines, succulents, and terrariums for a perfect sundowner event. 


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