Why Women Rarely Talk About Their Health

Why Women Rarely Talk About Their Health
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In a world where diseases aren’t known by gender, there is a lot of bias when it comes to medication, medical issues, and how everything is treated. Unfortunately, many women end up being mistreated or don’t even visit the emergency rooms because they know what to expect, or not expect.

You have probably experienced, or seen, biases in the medical industry where women don’t get the attention they deserve. When they are in pain, women usually wait longer in emergency departments and when they do see a doctor they are less likely to be given effective painkillers or other medication than men. It is as simple as this – there is a major health gap when it comes to treating men vs. women.

The Health Gap

It often happens that when a woman comes in for an appointment due to pain or any other irregularities the doctor tells them that like “a lot of other women” they pay too much attention to their body. They may even claim that there are no issues and that women are just overthinking everything and they should ignore symptoms. However, when a man comes in with any minor issue they have immediately prescribed medication and how to resolve their health issue. This is where the health gap occurs.

The lack of examinations and proper treatments and diagnosis, women often end up in emergency rooms and hospitals. This occurs when doctors won’t even take a look at them or tell them that “it’s all in their heads”. That is why many women don’t even realize when they actually have a heart attack or serious health conditions with their reproductive systems. The reproductive system is probably the most neglected part when it comes to medical attention in women. This further can result in various diseases and issues that women are even often embarrassed to talk about.

The simplest reason why women avoid talking about their health is that society taught us that women should just endure anything and that we have made all the symptoms up. Later on, the health issues occur just like they would with men, but they are often more serious like uterine fibroid, gynecologic cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome (POCS), endometriosis, atrophic vaginitis, just to name a few. And due to neglecting these diseases and not treating them properly, women often bear the consequences and cannot have children or live in severe pain, and often die.

Vaginal Health

This is probably the most neglected topic in the entire health industry. Ordinary people, doctors, nurses, and women, are all embarrassed to talk about vaginal health and how to properly take care of the most important reproductive organ. Even vaginal health products are not up to date or even good for women due to a lack of research and finding solutions to keep women healthy.

Many women don’t even go to regular gynecological check ups since they were either not taught how important that is or cannot find a doctor that will help them treat any issue. What is more, it seems almost taboo to talk about any pain “down there”, menstruation, and serious health issues that occur in the uterus, vagina, labia, cervix, and ovaries. That is a shame and now we are faced with women who endure horrible pains and issues with their most important organ in the entire body.

Luckily, most of the issues regarding vaginal health are treatable. Atrophic vaginitis treatment is affordable and can help women get rid of severe pains and uncomfortable sexual intercourse. Various infections and STIs and STDs, are curable, but it is still “forbidden” to talk about that if you’re a woman.

And with a bit more education and dedication from the professionals to specific women’s issues, all of that could be avoided. Even the contraceptive pills and other means of contraception are not up-to-date or researched properly. There probably is a better solution and it is absolutely necessary.

Health Issues Women Rarely Talk About

Just like any other living organism, women have health issues. However, due to how society treated and still often treats women, they have decided to rarely talk about their health. For some that is a choice simply because they don’t want to talk about it, but for some, it is a deeply rooted issue due to mistreatment. And despite the silence women still suffer a lot of health issues left untreated.

One in every four deaths of heart diseases is in women, in the US. And even though the public considered men to be more at risk of heart diseases, women are almost as equally affected. Plus, the treatment is different. Also, breast cancer death, about which fewer and fewer women talk, frequently occurs in women due to it not being diagnosed on time. Additionally, women have stopped talking about any gynecological issues due to poor experiences, improper diagnosis, and treatment. The same goes for pregnancy issues and how difficult it has become to become pregnant.

There are many other health issues women suffer from but rarely talk about. The reasons for silence are usually poor treatment and society deeming those topics as taboo. Hopefully, there is a brighter and equal future for both genders and all sexes because everyone’s health is important.

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