How to Maintain your Reefer Trailer

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A reefer trailer is a sturdy enclosed compartment designed for transport by a semi-tractor. “Reefer” is a term used in the trucking industry to describe a trailer that keeps its content’s temperature regulated during transportation. Proper maintenance is required to ensure a steady temperature of a reefer that hauls time-sensitive goods.

Maintaining a reefer trailer has been a necessary part of refrigeration since its inception around 1925. Failing to keep a constant and properly working correct temperature can result in contamination or food spoilage. Today, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has guidelines for refrigerated maintenance tips that aid in overall care.

Maintenance Tips for Refrigerated Units

According to Hales Trailer, reefer trailers have a maximum freight weight capacity of 42,000 to 45,000 pounds. Whether your unit is brand new or has quite a few miles on it, overloading is one of the biggest mistakes of keeping a reefer maintained adequately. Regardless of the age, the heavyweight of freight on a reefer can cause uncontrolled freezing.

This is due to the airflow becoming disrupted when overloaded, forcing the temperature to become unsustainable. Always follow the Reefer Trailer Legal Load Specifications for your specific equipment.

Keep a full fuel tank to prevent your cooling unit from unnecessary build-up in the fuel pump and injector systems. This is particularly helpful when using a new unit or a reefer trailer rental to avoid problems in the fuel lines. This is a maintenance tip that you can take care of yourself and monitor before a mechanic points it out.

Wash and clean reefers inside and out after each load. This may sound like overkill for the exterior of a trailer, but avoiding rust and corrosion will keep your unit in good shape longer. The inside trailer is important, depending on what is hauled.

Contamination or food debris can long-term affect sensitive food items or pharmaceutical goods. For example, your employer may have cleaning guidelines to follow. Always check and adhere to.

Never skip the routine maintenance of a reefer trailer or semi-tractor. This will save time and money for a possible breakdown while on the road. A driver should measure and calibrate the refrigeration unit regularly and watch for any oil leaks. Also, make sure that the reefer unit has a good bill of health and the alternator and engine starter. Keep detailed records of the dates and services performed to keep your equipment worth as much as possible.

Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel offers refrigerated trailer units for lease and is fully maintained and available for daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or other various times. Reefer trailer rentals will assure you of all up-to-date regulations and a valid FHWA inspection for your safety and industry rules. Whether you are looking for a rental reefer or a new or used reefer, select a top manufacturer and reputable dealer that can match your needs with a suitable model.


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