How to Make Your Brand a Household Name in Your Community with Custom Vinyl Banners

Custom Vinyl Banners
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Making your brand a household name in your local community can come with some incredible business advantages. For small-scale business owners, the support of the local community is critical for business success. It creates a stream of new customers and a loyal base of local shoppers.

However, achieving this brand objective requires a lot of effort. According to business leaders, small business owners must take steps like –

• Hosting local events
• Arranging creative workshops
• Organizing local community meetings
• Meeting with fellow local business leaders
• Giving back to the community via charity
• Launch strategic local marketing campaigns
The last step in this list is the most important step to take for small businesses. By creating a strong local marketing campaign, you can let your target audience members know about your brand’s unique characteristics. Using high-quality, custom-printed vinyl banners is the best way to launch a strategic local marketing campaign.

What are Custom Vinyl Banners?

Custom vinyl banners are one of the best ways to promote your brand, whether it is for neighborhood support or for national recognition. Vinyl banners provide a sturdy business platform that remains mobile, flexible and cost effective.

The vinyl material stretches well over standard frames to create large size signs at relatively low costs. The custom design and printing options allow for a variety of banners in different sizes and colors. The material is durable and weather resistant. Standard installation procedures make it simple to hang your banner anywhere.
Promotion Materials Custom vinyl banners are excellent promotion tools that can help you achieve your local marketing goals. They provide maximum visibility, durability and flexibility. Advertising with custom vinyl banners has a high impact on the observer and provides a rich, colorful background for your logo design. Whether you are promoting a local play, festival or fair – or need to reach new customers in another state, custom vinyl banners provide an excellent platform to draw interest from those around the community.

Custom Vinyl Banner Features & Benefits

Vinyl banners are promotional tools that you can use to promote virtually anything. This includes events, new products and services, company-wide changes, retail promotions and more.
Standard vinyl materials are the most durable option on the market today. These banners are weather resistant and rated up to four years outdoors without fading or cracking – even in extreme heat conditions of summer or cold winter months.
Custom designs are easy to create with an imprinting specialist who can work with you to find the right size, color, material and layout for your needs. Enhance your brand exposure today!
Vinyl Banners are created using sustainable practices wherever possible. There are no toxic chemicals used in the production of vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are 100% recyclable and use post-consumer recycled materials in some cases.
Banner hoists make it simple to hang your banner anywhere – indoors or out. This type of promotional material is easy to set up, move around and store when not in use.

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How Professional Banners Can Surge Your Business

Promoting your brand in the community has a huge impact when it comes to local recognition and gaining new customers. With modern, mobile platforms for signage like custom vinyl banners you can expand your business presence to support neighborhood events and even large-scale marketing campaigns that reach into other regions or states!
Banner stands support heavy-duty vinyl materials that are weather resistant and made for years of outdoor use. The print on vinyl banners is long lasting as well, with standard designs that can last up to four years outdoors. This type of promotional material provides a versatile platform for all sorts of events and campaigns!

We’ve seen many examples of successful local marketing campaigns using nothing but simple, low-cost banners. Here’s how you can use these low-cost printed marketing materials to promote your brand in your local community –

Placing the Banners: Before taking any design-related step, decide where to install the banners. The location of your banners will dictate their design. For instance, if your target audience is local students, your banner’s design should be youth-centric. The placement of your banner will also impact its color scheme. Your banners’ color schemes should contrast the colors of the location where it’s installed in.

• Large, Clear Text: Your custom banners should aim to attract consumer attention from a distance. The more locals (from a distance) read your brand name or offer details, the stronger your brand’s local presence. Make sure all written content on your banners is printed in large, legible text.

• Bold Fonts: In addition to the size of your text, the weight of the fonts will also impact your banner’s overall readability. Avoid overly flashy fonts. Pick fonts that are highly readable (e.g., the ones they use in your local newspapers).

• Promotional Message: The promotional message on your banner should excite readers. But, the copy or message of the banner should be simplistic in terms of context. Give your local audience clear instructions (nothing more than a few words) on how to interact with your brand. Your banner should communicate this message in a few seconds because that’s how much time people spend looking at banners.

• Important Brand-Related Information: The type of brand-related information you share on your banners depends on your promotional objectives. Is it to raise brand awareness? Then, including a business address may not be that important. Is it to ask local shoppers to take specific actions? Then, sharing specific instructions (including store address) is very important. Decide what your promotional objectives are and include brand-relevant messages that are aligned with these objectives.

• Evaluating the Effectiveness: The best way to know if your promotional campaign is effective is by tracking banner impressions. A simple impression count will tell you how many people read your banners at different locations. To track impressions, use Google Analytics or AdWords (these two tools are free).

If you need custom vinyl banners for your local marketing campaign, contact BCI. Our design team will help you choose a product that fits your needs perfectly. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to create high-quality custom banners for small businesses in Toronto.
Banners made of vinyl are easy to custom-print. Include colorful designs, attractive typography, and high-quality graphic images to make your banners irresistible for passers-by. Use them to boost your brand in your local community!

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